With our Calling Cards you will be able to make phone calls over Internet from your computer or mobile phone at very low prices to any where worldwide.

Plan Card Live Android App iOS App Windows Phone Windows Price  
Calling CardPerfect for your Internationals Calls 3 months Yes Yes Yes Yes $10.00/quaterly Order Now

Our Calling Cards features

Pay less for more

The main advantage of this type of services is that it avoids the high charges of telephony (mainly long distance) that are usual of the companies of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Some cost savings are due to using the same network to carry voice and data.

Make your first call

When you complete your purchase you will receive a card number and a PIN code that when you enter them into the Dialer downloaded from our website and installed on your device will allow you to make phone calls anywhere in the world at very low prices.

Reload! No buy a new one

The life of our calling cards is 3 months from the moment of activation and is extended for 3 more months after each recharge of 10.00 USD made, 6 months after each recharge of 20.00 USD made and 9 months for recharges greater than 30.00 USD.

We notify you

You should never worry about the expiration date of your card because 15 days before your card expires in case you have not recharged frequently enough, we will automatically send you a recharge invoice in case you wish to extend the service by making a recharge of 10.00 USD.

We can wait

In case of your card expires, the card is suspended for 30 days and only after those 30 days of suspension it is proceeded to be canceled. During those last 30 days of inactive life of your card will be notified in 3 times in your email by means of reminders.

Tip for good communication

Before making a call make sure there are no downloads in the background, nor are pages loading in your browser. In order to receive our services with quality you must ensure that you guarantee a minimum bandwidth of 36 kbps (56 kbps or more recommended).


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